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Are you looking for a SEO Expert who can take your site to the 1st page or at a prominent position on Google or Amazon? If yes, then we are one of the best SEO Experts in Delhi and Pan India. We are one of the award winning SEO Company in Delhi. We are one of the fastest growing SEO company in India.

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We have thorough knowledge of over 200 ranking factors and we keep topping it with latest on this. We will plan your camp after discussing following points with you:

  • Business Goals
  • Our Strategy
  • Targeted Visitor / Location

10 Years of Experience as Best SEO Expert in Delhi & Pan India

From last more than ten years, we are engrossed deep into SEO & PPC to such an extent that now for us, it has become drinking and breathing, every moment, every second, and that’s without fail. We drilled every aspect of Search Engine Optimization. And know that which website requires what kind of SEO Tactics/work. We take care of every micro to macro aspect of SEO. For example, how far is the targeted page from the main page? Search on Google : PPC Expert in Delhi : you will find us on 1st position. PPC Expert in Delhi : you will find us on 1st position.

We get calls daily for SEO, people say: my domain is: and I want a rank for keywords (search term d,e,f etc.) . We don’t do that kind of SEO services. Instead, we take the keywords from our client and analyse what is his/her product/services. what is his location, what will be the target audience. We use our analytical mind & with the help of SEO tools. Additionaly, we make a list of keywords for which a customer can get useful/fruitful traffic. For example:

Director of AimAyurveda has told us to target a keyword: cirrhosis of liver. It is a general keyword, people searching for. Treatment of cirrhosis of liver in Delhi will be his target audience . So we would like to target later instead of cirrhosis of liver.

Choosing a SEO Expert is different from choosing a PPC Expert.You should take into consideration the following points while choosing a SEO Expert.


Why choose me as your SEO Consultant in Delhi?

seo consultant in delhi

  • I’m extremely focused on driving well-qualified leads with excellent conversion rates for your site
  • I also have a positive track record of delivering good results across competitive industries
  • I am sincere, hard-working and driven by goals and concentrate well on my clients’ requirements
  • I offer a complete range of SEO services along with on-site and off-site search engine optimization
  • As an SEO consultant, my rates are cost effective & feasible
  • I have successfully helped a wide range of businesses in their promotion with a variety of budgets


The Benefits of SEO

seo expert in India

I am enthusiastic about Search Engine Optimization and strongly think that its most accessible and cost-effective type of internet and online marketing channel. If done properly, it will boost both the value and amount of traffic on your website. It offers the following benefits:

Fast, User Friendly Websites

There’s no doubt that the user experience is now an important variable and factor in the ranking. The integration of SEO into your website helps to produce quick, strong and user-friendly websites that rank greater in search engines. This, in turn, contributes to your website being skilled and boosts conversions in return.

Increase in Highly Qualified Traffic

If you rank on the top of popular search engines like Google, can result in highly increased traffic for your website. The top positions on search engines receive the majority of clicks.

SEO has Lasting Benefits

SEO is an investment. It takes time, awareness and effort to master upfront. Get it right though and the effects can extend far into the future. Rank well and you’ll be earning a steady flow of traffic, and potentially leads, for months and years to come.

Increased Credibility and Trust

High ranking in the search outcomes indicates to searchers that you are the main player in your sector of business. On the other hand, searchers also think the further down you are in the outcomes of the natural search, the less confident and successful you are.

Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition

It is quite interesting to know that SEO is far less expensive than personally advertising to customers. The only costs you’ll ever acquire is that of an SEO consultant. As long as you have prior experience in website coding and Google algorithms you will require an SEO specialist to grow your rankings.

Level Playing Field

SEO helps small business to expand its opportunities and grow as compared to its competitors.If you employ a bit of creativity and craft to your ongoing business, it can give you an advantage over your competitors even if they have larger budgets.
Remember: SEO is not a cost, but an investment.


Book my SEO expertise in Delhi

If you would like to have a free SEO briefing to discuss your SEO needs and requirements, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
When I receive your information and project details, I will contact you and schedule a session for us to speak through your proposal – even if you are just looking for some SEO tips and suggestions


How to choose SEO Expert?

Take into consideration the types of clients:
Before finalising your SEO expert you must first ask them about their past and present clients. This can help you to know the effectiveness of the work your candidate does.

You should ask SEO Expert that how many books he had read, what kind of people he follow on social media. Which can give fair amount of idea about his domain Knowledge. Since there are more than 200 ranking factors. You might ask him/her about few prominent factors like Meta title & URL, Content & Links. Because knowledge of which is a must for any SEO Expert.

Procedure to improve your search engine rankings:
The SEO expert should explain the strategies they would use. So that to drive up your website’s search engine ranking. And estimate how long it could take to achieve the SEO campaign goals you agree on. The so called SEO Expert should be able to explain the simple things. For instance why the competitor is coming up as & what strategy he is going to adopt to beat him.

The Guarantee Trap:
If anyone guarantees to bring the moon overnight, it’s better to resist the trap and look for genuine SEO expert. E.g if any SEO expert is assuring 1st position for your website without having gone into details. It might not materialise. Because SEO is competitive and time taking process with lot of dynamic changes. It will take good amount of time and efforts for an SEO expert. In order to align your campaign with your business plan and deliver results. . It’s important for SEO expert to understand the business economics for your product. And work in manner with you bringing profit from SEO investment.

Experience in improving local search results:
Appearing in the top local search engine results is important to small businesses. Because they are trying to attract nearSoers. So you must make sure the SEO expert you are hiring has experience in this field.

Transparency in changes they make to you website:
Search engine optimization will need many changes to your existing web page coding. It’s important to know exactly what adjustments the consultant plans to make. And also on how many web pages. So, if you want the consultant to ask for your permission before doing so, then you must.

Measuring the success of SEO campaigns:
To gauge the success of SEO efforts, you must track exactly how much traffic is being sent to your website. And where it is coming from. Consultants should have experience of tracking improvement in your site’s search engine rankings. And the number of links from other websites driving traffic to yours. Besides the kinds of keywords searchers use to find your site, and much more.

Communication details:
SEO consultants’ communication styles and customer service standards vary. You need to find someone whose approach best fits your needs. Ask if the candidate prefers to talk in person or via phone, Skype, texting or email. And find out how often he or she will reach out to you with status updates.

Payment terms:
you must negotiate the pricing of the work assigned to your SEO expert and take all details of the same. Moreover, you must not let yourself get exploited money.


As a Best SEO Consultant in Delhi, India What We will do


Website Creation and Modification:
IF you don’t have a website as of now, we can create a SEO friendly Website for you. We make modifications in your existing website for improving the SEO score. As a SEO expert we recommend creating a user friendly website. Because user experience is one of the google ranking factor.

Content writting & Alignment:
Content is the most important asset for SEO (main ranking factor of Google). Any SEO expert can vouch for same. If your website does not have well written and relevant content. It will not rank on any search engine. If clients don’t have time & might not be knowing how to write content which user & search engine will love. We write the content for them.

Writing content not only involves discussions with client about the product or services. But it also needs going through many of the well written articles by industry leaders. We work on each detail of content to make it count. We foolproof the information on your website. And suggest and put in place improvements and fresh inclusions.

Earning Links:
Links are main factor for any SEO success. But only a SEO expert can tell that quality of links matter more than quantity. We try to earn quality links(not quantity) since Google weighs Quality not Quaninty. Quality links produce high quality, useful & relevant content to which credible sites link.


As a SEO Expert Our Core Values are:

Being Transparent:

We are honest & genuine SEO consultants. We don’t make superficial or false claim of ranking any website on prominent position. We do careful and methodological analysis of the competition. And use most up – to – date techniques to give you best possible rank. For e.g. In a particular vertical some competitor’s very old website may have huge backlinks. And which ranks it at prominent position. And since the competitor is investing in SEO still too. It is going to take long time to compete with it, particularly for main keywords. In such case we can work out with owners for few other keywords. Which are also related to business, for getting prominent position on them.

Thus work in a transparent way and provide the realistic Picture to the investor. Being an honest & genuine SEO consultant we don’t make superficial or false claim. E.g. about ranking any website on prominent position. We do careful analysis of the competition and use most up – to – date techniques. And give you best possible rank E.g. In a particular vertical some competitor’s old website may have huge backlinks which ranks it at prominent position. And since the competitor is investing in SEO. It is going to take long time to compete with it, particularly for main keywords. In such case we can work out with investor for few other keywords. which are also related to business, for getting prominent position on them. Thus we work in a transparent way and provide the realistic Picture to the investor.

Elaborating the above with one of our current campaign: Treatment of cirrhosis of liver in Delhi is the long tail keyword. That means customer is interested in getting first position for keyword “cirrhosis of liver”. There are few website with same keyword targeting. For instance webmd which has more than 1000 backlinks. It is more than 10 year old website & whole lot of content on their website. This makes ranking of Our Client’s website rather long and tedious job for same keyowrd. As an honest & transparent SEO expert we have told customer that it was not profitable to waste our efforts and time for same set of keywords. We worked on alternate and infact more relevent keyword. Since the doctor is working in delhi. “Treatment of cirrhosis of liver in Delhi” and now his website is ranking at prominent position. And our customer is getting the targeted enquires. So the ultimate goal of SEO expert is to be transparent and logical to maximise your profit from SEO investments.

Collaborative Approach:
it’s essential to integrate the whole marketing, PR and related functions with SEO to exploit its benefits. So we as an SEO expert interact with your PR, Marketing / sales team to make sure the relevant inputs. In order to maximise the output generated by our SEO effort. We do not work in isolation, because working in isolation means leaving many things on table. E.g any print media campaign should also be reflected through website and social media, which may trigger relevant searched on the web.


My approach to Search Engine Optimization

Naturally, my approach to SEO varies from client to client.
Some clients prioritise promoting themselves locally whereas others have a broader international market, targeting multiple languages.
Some sites are information sites, whereas some sites require an eCommerce SEO expert.
Whatever your SEO consultancy requirements, the following workflow is typical:

Understand Your Objectives
For any SEO advisor and consultant, the first and most essential element is to comprehend your company goals. What do you want the association to accomplish? We also agree on scope, timescales, assets, and distribution during these consulting sessions.

Perform a Technical SEO Audit
The next phase is to determine how effectively your page can be crawled by Google and the other search engines. Any problems detected during this phase will then be fixed to best practices on your site.

Evaluate Your Competitors
After the technical audit is performed, I will analyse and assess your competitors’ websites and the SEO techniques that they use. This will provide me with an evaluation of your competitors SEO strategies to determine what we need to do to overtake them and stay ahead of their game in the market.

Discover Relevant Keywords
Next, I will look for profitable keywords that searchers for products or services in your niche use. I’ll identify both high volume keywords/phrases and less popular long tail keywords which will help form the basis of your content strategy.

Develop Unique Content
After we’ve identified your target keywords, we’ll work together to create unique, relevant, long-form content which will attract converting customers. As part of this process, any pre-existing content will be optimized extensively and worked upon.

Build Contextual Backlinks
As the technical work is ongoing and new content is being created, I’ll also start outreach and a process of link building. This is a massively important ranking factor and building up a respectable, powerful portfolio of relevant links is what I do best.

Ongoing Tracking and Refinements
As your site rises up through the search engine rankings, I’ll track performance and report to you accordingly. I’ll also continue competitive analysis as well as refining and improving your backlink profile to ensure your continued success.
I can guarantee that this process works and has been continuously improved upon over many years as an SEO Consultant in Delhi.

When done correctly, the benefits of SEO will be long lasting


Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back

seo company in delhi

Using my SEO service, the use of search engine marketing based on your personal requirements and objectives will keep your company growing.
This implies that you will appear on Google (and other search engines) on page 1 and that you will set up your company as an agency within your niche in a way that is consistent with the recent best practices. My service also comes with a guarantee. If there is no ranking or traffic enhancement in the third month, I will refund your money.
You can withdraw the service at any moment as well. I am pleased to offer this guaranteed SEO service, as I am sure you will be pleased with my services.


Work With Me

Ranking well in Googles search results can bring a huge amount of new business for you.
Finding the right SEO specialist to help you achieve this is an important step forward.
If you want a consultant that has good technical SEO knowledge, follows Google guidelines, is effective and ethical then please get in touch.
I look forward to hearing from you.